Calling all Brides and Bridegrooms to be! Bespoke Wedding Cocktail Package!

If you are looking for a unique wedding favour for your guests then we have just the ticket! We created the first cold brew, Xpresso Martini cocktail in individual self serve adorable glass bottles. They are the perfect way to give your guests some pep in their step post wedding meal, and get them up onto the dance floor throwing some shapes and ready to unleash the night!

And did we mention how delicious these cocktails are?? After 96 test runs these Xpresso Martini’s are perfectly blended, giving a smooth, luxurious taste.

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Our first flag-ship ready to drink cocktail is a single serve, combining 24 hour cold brew Italian blend coffee, using a unique steeping process that has been specifically designed for our cocktail that delivers a smooth natural sweetness, triple distilled Polish recipe vodka created by the craftsmen at Bimber Distillery, pure cane sugar and the finest Mexican coffee liqueur.  

Four perfectly blended ingredients, and that’s it. No artificial flavourings or colours.

Ideal for those looking for a sophisticated, indulgent alcoholic cocktail with that rewarding caffeine kick for the perfect in-between drink.

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